Djax Your Body

As a celebration of Dekmantel’s first Djax Up Beats compilation on Dekmantel Records earlier this year, the Amsterdam based crew went to Eindhoven to speak to head honcho Miss Djax and producers Random XS, Wladimir M. and Stefan Robbers (Acid Junkies) to talk about the influence of the label in Holland and abroad.

Over the course of eight minutes, Dekmantel captured a part of the people that were and are a huge part of the electronic music scene in Eindhoven, including label owner Miss Djax (Saskia Slegers), who founded Djax Up in 1989. After working in local record shop Bullit for many years, she decided to release her first EP by 24K. “I didn’t understand why no one released his music, so I did it myself with money that I borrowed from my mother. I hired a photographer, took good pictures, and yeah; that was the first release, and it got picked up super well.”

Not much later, she decided to go to Chicago and Detroit to discover more of the music she had been hearing. “I literally saw and did everything and bought about 200 records, but it also resulted in the fact that people just started handing over demo’s to me – all those amazing producers. I brought home so many demo’s, and I released some of them – for example by K’Alexi and Felix Da Housecat – too.” With more artists like Acid Junkies, Terrace, Random XS, Mike Dearborn, Armando, Steve Poindexter and more highly anticipated producers signing on the label, the catalogus started growing faster and faster. Miss Djax herself was playing all over the world too, and she and Djax-Up-Beats’ started making a big name for themselves. Stefan Robbers (1/2 of Acid Junkies): “At that time, we noticed that Djax had become such a big player in Europe, but also abroad. Everywhere we came, people were wearing t-shirts of Djax, Acid Junkies, or even both.”

Now, Djax-Up-Beats is still out there releasing music and Dekmantel is proud to have put out the first compilation named Djax-Re-Up on Dekmantel Records. A second volume is on its way too, and more information about this will follow very soon.

Directors – Nick Smits & Ino van der Sande (We Are Today)
Scenario – Sanne Huijsmans
Producer – Melisa Cenik
Edit – We Are Today

Ismistik – Flow Charts
24K – We Have No Enemies
Random XS – Give Your Body
Acid Junkies – 1-8-1
Mike Dearborn – Fear
Felix Da Housecat – Freakadelica

Thanks to:
Saskia Slegers (Miss Djax)
Sander Friedeman (Random XS)
Stefan Robbers (Acid Junkies)
Wladimir Manshanden (Wladimir M.)
Studio 040
Klokgebouw Cultuurhallen
Douwe Klaazen