Dekmantel festival

June 28, 2020

This video was released due the Corona virus outbreak. Because of the pandemic the festival was cancelled and we had to make a video about the last couple of years. All the footage was shot by We Are Today from 2015 till 2020. (except boiler room footage)


January 1, 2020

Amsterdam, the setting of this short film ‘Beach Bum’. A surfer leaves the beach and moves to the city. His passion for surfing still lives inside of him, but the concrete city, unlike the beach, doesn’t allow him to express his passion. In the city he’s being seduced by...

Colliding Worlds

October 8, 2019

Director: We Are Today Dop: We Are Today We all use it and forget the impact of it; plastic. In our video we confront people with the issue. We want the viewer to think about this problem on their own. Most people are completely unaware of what happens to...

Music in Motion

October 8, 2019

“The things I see when I listen to Darkside – Metatron” – Nahuel Garcia

Leafs in Japan reel

October 8, 2019

Animation by Nahuel Garcia